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Senna Marie Maxwell

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Senna Marie Maxwell


The Otaku Mary Sue Of All Otaku Mary Sues, Fangirl Of All Fangirls, Biggest Fan Brat Of All!

She and her troll friends bullied their fellow Otaku and Mary Sue writer off the net to satisfy their own pathological want for power and attention, and to pleas their slave-master, a fictional anime character named Lady Une.

Senna Marie Maxwell is a Mary Sue since she took the name of Maxwell, the name of a character in the series she went absolutely bat-crap whacko over. She changed her nickname so many times during her cyber-bullying operation. Mostly it was to cause confusion and avoid possibly being reported. The other motivation was that she hated being called out as a Sue herself because of the Maxwell association.

But since Senna Maxwell was the first name she used as a cyber-bully, that is the one she will always be.

What Makes Senna Tick - the troll mindset.

Senna's "Monkey Thong Jaunt" (MTJ) Web Page

MTJ Site Tantrum 1 The Mary Sue Diatribe

Lady Monkey Senna wasn't getting attention for that underwhelming website whinge, so she launched a prolonged attack via guestbook and email against another person.

First Guestbook War, Spam Spam Spam FLAME! Origination Of The Hamgod

Email Crud 1 The Blame Game

MTJ Site Tantrum 2 Narcisist Pity Party

Guestbook War 2 Spewing On More Guestbooks

MTJ Page "Renovation" From Rants To Flames They thought they'd try to copycat an enemy they made and turn what was called their "Rants" page into one where they displayed and laughed at the few entries they received on their own guestbook,. They renamed the page "Flames".

Email Crud 2 They tried to convert her and got creamed.

Guestbook War 3She who is so fixated on teaching other people a lesson, never learns.

MTJ Lady/Senna and cronies continued harassing their victim, more or less leaving the other enemy they made alone.

They stepped up their hate and harassment campaigns, taking it to public internet forums, following their victim from site to site to ridicule her. They started gossiping mocking topics against her.

Malicious Forum Thread

During the time that topic raged, their victim gave up, took down her site, and left the internet. It was the only way she could put an end to the online bullying.

And what did Senna/Lady do?

Gloat, and throw a big tantrum all in one!

MTJ Tantrum 3 Senna's Babbling Fit Even here, she begs to be written to, specifically by her victim. Lady Monkey Senna's new email address shows her to be a giant Mary Sue. Get this. JenSavesTheDay@hotmail.com ! Lol!

For a swollen yet very fragile ego like hers, boredom. not enough attention, and being faced with the existence of people who don't agree with her views especially where Lady Une is concerned, causes her to short-circuit and get her jollies at other people's expense. Senna doesn't feel happy unless she can do that.

The smart thing would've been to simply forget about the Treize Mary Sue site and move on without ever trying to contact the site owner. But Lady Monkey Senna Marie Maxwell at MTJ wanted attention so much that they were willing to harass someone over another site than be bothered trying to improve their own site, which would've taken considerable work. Like other bottom-feeding trolls, MTJ and however many friends they involved in this, have such gargantuan egos that they actually believe wrestling/thrashing someone else's down into submission to theirs over a silly anime series is saving the day somehow.

MTJ personify the definitions of troll, otaku, fan-brat or fantard.



MTJ's disgusting victim-bashing gossip&lulz forum topic disappeared eventually, though that was probably due to the whole tripadelic.com domain expiring.

But, this is the internet...



Senna gets her butt kicked in story form. She will never live down her terrible reputation, and she might as well go out in a blaze of disgrace.

Her beloved Lady Une and Treize get taken down several pegs too.

Magic Misfire For Email Schemers (From "Something's Got To Give" with original characters and a few famous fictional, only one of the latter makes an appearance in this section) - by Ocean Elf and B. P.

Two Lives On The Brink (From "The Rings" with original and a couple of famous fictional characters) - by Ocean Elf and B. P.

Brat Botheration (from "The Rings")

Senna Meets Her Fate (From "The Rings")

Nahid/Senna, The Weakest Link The ultimate Mary Sue and what becomes of her. How not to write a story 101. - by Ocean Elf


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