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Senna Marie Maxwell

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on February 18, 2013 at 11:29:50 am

Yes, Mary Sues attack each other because they can't stand even one little thing not going their way. Only in this case, the attacks were one-sided, all Senna.

Her pathological need to be center of the universe and to literally annihilate her rival Mary Sue, Senna and her gang of stupid alter egos or idiot friends ranted like lunatics against the Sue on their stupid little forum, which, thankfully seems to no longer exist.

Not only that, the obsessive brat waged an email war, a guestbook war, and stalked her from forum to forum, list to list.

Senna's First Tantrum Rant Email

Because of this hypocrisy and her harassment of the other Mary Sue, Senna got well deserved flack, tearing her hateful idiocy apart.

Feedback To Senna's First Tantrum Senna's Guestbook flame-Fest Senna's Second Site Tantrum Senna's Final site Tantrum Translation Of Senna's Babbling Fit


With her crush on Lady Une and Treize, need for attention, and jealousy and loathing of another Mary Sue, Jensavestheday@hotmail.com email address, and the name Maxwell the surname of a Gundam Wing canon character Duo Maxwell in her name, Senna Marie Maxwell is a Mary Sue in the first degree. She is also a study in how to be an idiot and make enemies. The smart thing would've been to simply move on and forget about the Mary Sue site if Senna hated it so much, but her own Mary Sue personality, her boundless egotism, selfishness and addition to being centre of attention, wouldn't let her act in an intelligent manner.

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